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This is what an inbox looks like at the end of a successful week

Furthermore, there were only 4 days to get everything done because Monday was Memorial Day.  This is not to say that I have completed all tasks, but rather that everything is accounted for. I’ve been using the new “Inbox by Google” interface for Gmail on the desktop browser, with similar […]

Back to New York

Suddenly I’m back. The icons of the New York skyline so familiar through recess of memory and the window of film, now examined through the window of a taxi sailing the BQE. Displaced. I want to find my notepad to write all this down, but my girl is nestled into […]

ANZAC Day 2014

Lest we forget. My parents and I rode our bikes down to the ANZAC Day ceremony at the Australian War Memorial today. My brother was playing saxophone in the military band for the royals who were only 20m away! I love how casual security details are in Canberra.

Sydney Harbour

Such a beautiful place… Only one week left in Australia.. I will be sad to leave the Emerald City!

Happy 2014!

Happy 2014!! Life’s a beach, go get lost anywhere in the world over these next 365 days and experience something amazing!

Surfing hay bales

Surfing hay bales in Gundaroo, just outside Canberra. Loving the countryside, fresh air, and being silly with family!

Unicorns on the Gundaroo Common

I’m pretty sure these are unicorns…yep, they are: unicorns on the Gundaroo Common. Gundaroo (aka “Fundaroo”) is probably my favourite place in the world. It’s just outside Canberra and the place where my Grandfather use to own property called Wonders Farm. As a kid I’d explore the willowed creek, rusted […]


I’m holidaying in Camberwarra at the moment – just outside of Nowra, south of Sydney. It’s a beautiful area with gum trees, wineries, brilliant green farm lands, and of course, the pristine white sands of Jervis Bay not far away. It also happens to be the location where I filmed Denis […]

New Year’s Eve, 2013

The last day of 2012. I’m on a boat on Sydney Harbour to celebrate. I hope you had a fantastic year…may 2013 be a year of great things!

Obama, 15sec Of Fame & SNOW!

Welcome to another 4 years of Obama! After 3 hours immersed in Cloud Atlas, Megan and I emerged last night to Obama’s beaming grin smattered across Times Square. I hoisted her up on my shoulders, and after waving a borrowed flag…awoke this morning to our picture across the world: CNN, […]

Slow return to normalcy following Hurricane Sandy

Uprooted trees, the grind of generators and streets littered with debris. The clean-up following Hurricane Sandy has proven more troublesome than the brief event itself. I made my way to Red Hook, Brooklyn, today to help pass out army food rations at Coffey Park. Like most low-lying areas in New […]

Favorite Links to Hurricane Sandy

Sirens ring through ghost-town streets. Car alarms sound. And the gusts of wind through the trees grow stronger. I’ve heard the term “bunkering down” so many times on the telly I’ve had to turn it off. The same way “inundated” gets exhausted during flood coverage. Here are some of my […]

New York Fire Escape

I took this photo at sunset along the Highline today. In a city of concrete, it’s often the light that takes your breath away.

Homeless In Style

There are many homeless people in New York City, but this guy seems to know what he’s doing.

Easter Sunday

Probably because I’m new here; probably because I feel very transient, having moved house four times in as many months. Probably because I have no job, yet more work than I can handle. Fortunately. In my early 20’s I would have tried to wrench control. Or built some pattern of […]