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Fixers Collective

I came across a neat community group in Brooklyn tonight: the Fixers Collective. It’s a group of people who work out how to fix their broken belongings. It’s not a tutorial. It’s a collaborative, practical workspace of puzzle-solvers with immediate results. I learnt the difference between weft and warp when […]

For our days are fleeting…

Amidst the emails, applications, networking, pitches and phone calls, I sometimes forget that I am in New York! As I left the apartment I’m staying at in Dumbo yesterday, my eye caught the Manhattan skyscrapers across the East River. I couldn’t look away. I’d grown accustomed to the city so […]

Everyone wants a rockstar New Year’s Eve

And I got one. From our rooftop in Dumbo under the Brooklyn Bridge, facing One World Trade Center and with Liberty and Empire State like beacons in the distance, we counted in 2012 via the giant digital clock atop the adjacent Jehovah’s Witness Watchtower building. Isn’t it peculiar how intent […]

A White Christmas

My most memorable Christmas tree was a scraggly gum branch propped in the corner of my Grandfather’s farmhouse porch. It hadn’t even been cut – the splintered end pointing to the dusty concrete like a ballerina’s toe. The grey-green leaves back-flipped over the unnatural angle of its smokey-grey limbs, sparsely […]

One month in America

One month into my one year in the US and where am I? Technically unemployed and homeless, but still having fun! My first two weeks were spent on the west coast. I road-tripped with a friend from LA → Las Vegas → Grand Canyon → Yuma → San Diego → Orange County […]

Occupy Wall St

I made my way down to the 2-month anniversary rally of Occupy Wall Street today. The recent warm spell had dropped to an icy breeze with rain, making it difficult to operate my camera. Because the crowds are so heavily controlled by police in riot gear, much of the rally’s […]

He’s Gone To India

Matt: Where’s Gary? Helen: He’s gone to India. Matt: For a holiday? Helen: No, to pick up the twins. Matt: Oh, yes. The adoption. Helen: Surrogacy. Matt: So, is the egg hers or from his partner? Helen: Gary’s gay. Matt: Right. Helen: And the egg’s Russian. Overheard on the bus. […]