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Rainbow Hippyvan

Let’s get out of here, you and I. Grab a hippyvan and surf the coast. Doesn’t matter how far we run; just carry on towards that rainbow connecting heaven to earth… the promise of a more vibrant tomorrow. Photo taken on the Hume Hwy, NSW

As you wish

As you wish… I found these two in conversation in Erskineville yesterday. Seated on a roll of lawn behind the railway station, he seemed to have forgotten for a brief moment that they were just dandelions. She was gazing into the setting sun, murmuring of her aunt’s tales of wild […]

Carry Me

Find me Carry me forward that I may carry you also In my frailty Wrap your body round me as I wrap you in mine I need an ally beyond this modern discontent A feeling state from past-time An arena where hand held mine And tender hearts beat beat Nudging […]


n’t even have t he memo ry of an ex love r to fill the gap ing hole t hat needs secure ity and the reassure ring touch that the re is so meone in this mess y, confuse sing world that love s me, knows me, a nd would cry if I did […]


I wish that you were stronger That hearts could bend, not break To stay a little longer And see what we could make Germinate this friendship seed Buried under words that bleed From a calling crying heart Branded by your mark You spoke in just a whisper The last I […]

In Your Eyes

In your eyes I see your smile Photograph speaks a Gentle heart un-presuming Not needy for attention But seeking connection With my eyes closed I see yours open Baby-wide with innocent regard Black-lined blue set on Oyster pearl Behind your eyes I feel I know you Or wish perhaps to […]

Sometime Beautiful

something beautiful it’s something real the time i fall apart you will roll me into one you took me by my knee a touch that broke my lips vacant stare was cracked and racked with breath reentering there laid between layers subject to another’s will infant aged dependent still waiting, […]

Sweet To Me

You will always be sweet to me, for I met you and know you as sweet. Whatever confusing messy turns your life takes I know your heart glows for truth and goodness, however stained and remote it may feel. You are walking the dark side but not as a wanton […]

The Lawnmower

I’m gonna buy some lawnMow it just for youIn the shade you’ll sip your drinkAnd watch me watch you too


Weighed downheart sorrow…the greatest ever known.Shifting blame,you would not buy it;sticks to melike static balloon.None to recompensebut you…none found liablebut I…A hurting heartwill drive Thorn deeper,knowing that comfortgives way to painbut pursuing regardless.Addict to Loneliness,now beyond the graveI wish the grave undone.Same throb remains…same thrust of griefthat pulled me undone […]

The Bower Bird Call

The bleeding, dying, dripping, dryingA cry to wash the wind awayFalling left while floating rightThe moon won’t slay the sun tonight You have left me empty-handedStranded by the darkest wayWithout return but lost for futureWaiting for a newborn grave So I sit here, in your eyesDepleted, defeatedWrapped in storm and […]

Affections For You

Affections for you creep up slowly. Like a dream where the roller-coaster falls from its tracks then reappears on course without reason, so my heart explodes without release. Pressure builds and builds, frustratingly so. To pluck the flower before it blossoms would kill the very beauty it promises. It breaks […]

All I Can See

For all I can see The epitome of me To release control and cast to the wind The pressure to understand Unrest swirls Twirls and whirls disrupting A night that could lay still Aching like a rib-caged dog Hunger grows and knows no abate Persistent in its cause to claw […]

When You Have Hope

When hope breathes in you You can open up your window in midwinter The cold that once ate at your uncovered toes Now refreshes your lungs Outside the snow remains deep But I burn deeper