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Yoga Beyond in the Royal National Park

The gorgeous Royal National Park south of Sydney… the beach where I shot a film recently with Honza & Claudine of Yoga Beyond. When baby turtles hatch, they have to find their way through the sand to reach the surface and instinctively head towards freedom out the sea. Our intention […]

Shooting Exhale in Paddington

Directing our short film Exhale in Paddington this weekend with an awesome crew and cast! Nicole Shostak, Ezra, Charlie, Sophie, Andreas, Roxy, Dave, Claire, Justin, Andrew Steel & Laurence van Camp.

“Crushed” Feature Film Shoot

This week I’m shooting set photos for my fellow AFTRS alumni Megan Riakos on her debut feature film Crushed. It’s also starring one of my best friends Sarah Bishop! Our set is a vineyard in Mudgee, with DP Mike Steel at the helm, another friend who has shot one of my own […]

Ava DuVernay: What do you want?

I love this advice from filmmaker Ava DuVernay at the 2013 Film Independent Forum. The last question put to her was: “Should we keep making 50K films, even if they don’t launch us to Sundance?” To which Ava replies, “the question is, what do you want?” Why are you doing what […]

Daftpunk, Signs

Somewhere in outback NSW… Signs appear as we shoot the Daft Punk Random Access Memories album launch.

Telescope Timelapse for Daft Punk’s Album Launch

I’ve been babysitting the giant dishes at Australia Telescope today, in preparation for Daft Punk’s album launch. How are the two related you ask? Good question. Sony is keeping quiet on that one. I sat in the dry grass with my calculator computing how many rotations we could get the […]

Commercial for Red Baron Adventure Flights

Those of you with a taste for the extreme will appreciate this sketch commercial I made for Sydney joy flight company Sky Drive tells the story of a man wanting to escape the restraints of claustrophobic city traffic in favour of the freedom of a Red Baron adventure flight […]

That’s a Wrap!

I have wrapped photography on MONKEYWRENCH after a 2 day shoot! The crew created a superb look and feel and the actors delivered hilarious performances. Everyone was a delight to work with, and perhaps as reward for making it through Hurricane Sandy and a snow storm, we were gifted with […]

MONKEYWRENCH – a 16mm short film in NYC

ABOUT MONKEYWRENCH… Monkeywrench is a 7-minute comedy shot on 16mm film on location in New York. We have assembled a talented team of creatives to produce it! Why this film? Because in the spectrum of life, monkeys and heartache are at opposite ends. Everyone loves monkeys, especially the fluffy, stuffed kind, that […]

Tropfest New York!

From the Tropicana Cafe in Sydney 20 years ago to Bryant Park in New York City, Tropfest continues to make it’s mark across the world! I am thrilled to be able to celebrate its inaugural screening with a bunch of Aussies and a few Americans 🙂

New York Fashion Week 2012: Norma Kamali & Jack Feldstein

Australian filmmaker inspires New York fashion icon Norma Kamali NEW YORK – “The minute I met Jack, I knew we would be friends forever.” Fashion icon Norma Kamali walks alongside filmmaker Jack Feldstein, both dwarfed by 8-foot Glamazons at the launch of her KamaliKulture collection for New York Fashion Week […]