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I’m Just Happy To Be Here

I’ve been writing from Raming Tea House for the last few days. Found this pooch smiling in a basket out the front with a look that I could identify with: “I’m just happy to be here”.

A Day On The Lake

It’s a smoky day in Chiang Mai today (heck, it’s smoky every day this time of year). Slash and burn agricultural practices in the hill tribes cast the heavy haze over the whole region for more than a month. Still…it’s better than the air in Delhi!


A longtail in Chiang Mai. We were lucky this boat didn’t sink with all of us loaded up in it!

Chiang Mai Lake Houseboat

Spent the day an hour north of Chiang Mai on a giant houseboat, writing and swimming and eating and swimming…life is good!

One Among Millions

Though we pass by millions a second, a single water droplet clings to a Thai girl’s hand as our longtail boat skims across the lake in Chiang Mai. (at เขื่อนแม่งัดสมบูรณ์ชล (Mae-Ngad Dam))

The Jogging Caveman

I went for a run with my Dad this morning. We are staying in the suburbs of San Sai, Chiang Mai. We carry sticks because there are dogs around the neighbourhood. I took this snap on my phone and was surprised how it turned out like a caveman painting.

Exploring Chiang Mai

The past few weeks I’ve been living in Chiang Mai to get some writing done. The inner city has a thriving expat community. Chiang Mai also attracts many digital nomads who take advantage of the lifestyle, weather, friendly Thai culture, and cheaper living costs. I don’t recommend this time of year […]

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

The Chiang Mai Night Bazaar is open every night of the year… (เชียงใหม่ ไนท์ บาร์ซ่า)

Library Writing Retreat

I’m back in Chiang Mai. I’ll be spending the next few weeks in this cute little library to write. Love the elevated traditional Thai architecture, and the air-con!

Chicken Island, Krabi

The shores of Chicken Island, with the Krabi mainland in the distance. At เกาะไก่ (Chicken Island)

A Poda Island Longtail

A longtail boat on Poda island, Krabi, Thailand. (เกาะปอดะ) 400B (~$14) bought us a four island day-trip, including lunch and transfers.