• Klint Michael Cardigan May 23, 2021   Reply →

    Hi DJF, great work! Ive found your Project while searching for a way to operate an ATEM over I-Net, i.e. doing all the switching on a Mixer situated at a location elsewhere as if I was sitting at it… if this makes sense 😉 Is your solution doable that way! I would appreciate every hint or help, input or idea with that very much! Looking forward to your Reply. Yours KMC

    • David Joshua Ford May 24, 2021   Reply →

      Hi Klint! Yes it is! Companion and the ATEM are networked based, so if you can set up a VPN you can control the ATEM remotely!

  • Richard Gabinet June 1, 2021   Reply →

    Hi DJF, we recently upgraded to an ISO Extreme and are curious if you plan to offer a updated version for the bigger ATEM. We’ve installed your current version as per your excellent video tutorials but have some issues. Could a consultation with you make it mostly usable in the current version? Thanks for bringing this amazing resource to this community.


    • David Joshua Ford June 1, 2021   Reply →

      Hi Richard – Yes an Extreme profile is coming soon! Will release it soon…stay tuned 🙂

  • Luis Miguel Betances July 15, 2021   Reply →

    Hi David, do you plan to make a video showing the new profile with the extreme?

    • David Joshua Ford July 15, 2021   Reply →

      Hi Luis, yes I do – just have a few other videos in the pipeline to complete first. Did you have specific questions about the Extreme profile in the mean time?

  • Alexis Cardoza July 18, 2021   Reply →

    i only have the stream deck 15 button config. Will this companion profile not work with it?

  • Roto Makara November 25, 2021   Reply →

    Hi David, I just want to say your atem mini pro for the 32 button has been very VERY helpful for me as I’m enjoying it honestly. Happy customer indeed. I have used every aspect of it from vlc, h2r, zoom, upstream key which I use the most, olc. I’ve been using the preset also in conjunction with obs. I’ve rearranged some things in companion to suit my needs too. Thank you for all our hardwork so I can have it easy. It doesn’t go unnoticed. I’d say I have mastered this preset well. I’m looking to upgrade to the extreme very soon and expand my wings and do more upstream keys simultaneously. Appreciate you from Melbourne, Australia. Kind Regards, Roto Makara

    • David Joshua Ford November 25, 2021   Reply →

      Hi Roto, thanks for the feedback and glad that you’re finding it useful! I’m sure you’ll love the Extreme – it’s become my go-to device now.

  • Vikram April 22, 2022   Reply →

    Hello, DJF,
    Will this Companion profile work on Atem TV studio pro 4k?

    • David Joshua Ford April 22, 2022   Reply →

      Hi Vikram, I have not tested on the ATEM Studio Pro 4k but I believe it should work as the ATEM software is universal across models.

  • Christophe Koclejda September 22, 2022   Reply →

    Hello from France ,
    New to this , i just bought a stream deck XL , i downloaded your “Free 1-Page Switcher, 32-Button for ATEM Mini Extreme”.
    I’m folowing your “INSTALL – Advanced Control of ATEM Mini Pro with Stream Deck & Companion Profile” video on youtube. but i’m a stucked.
    where can I found your streamdeck backup that you’re talking about at 5’29”?
    I doesn’t seem to be present in your free dowload.
    Can you help?

    • David Joshua Ford September 22, 2022   Reply →

      Hi Christophe, the Free 1-Page Switcher contains a Companion profile. It doesn’t contain the native Stream Deck profiles that are found in the paid versions. The package mentioned in the “INSTALL…” video you’re referring to ended last year, and is replaced by the 1-Page Free Switcher to help test out the system. Best, David

      • Christophe Koclejda September 22, 2022   Reply →

        Thanks for your quick answer. I was planning to buy the ATEM Mini Extreme DJF 3.1. But i first want to test it with your free version first.
        So what is the procedure to get this working as a first start?
        I’ve got companion 2.3.1 and streamdeck 5.3.1 (all latest versions).
        Sorry to ask this but i can’t get any resulst yet.

        • David Joshua Ford September 22, 2022   Reply →

          Using the free profile you downloaded, you can follow the installation instructions here to get Companion working on your network. If it’s not working, double check that you have your router and IP addresses matching correctly.

          • Christophe Koclejda September 22, 2022  

            Thank you David
            It’s working

            It was great ha a quick answer from you

          • David Joshua Ford September 22, 2022  

            Wonderful, glad it is working for you!

  • Emmanuel Francis November 11, 2022   Reply →

    Hi David. I just purchased the Atem Mini Extreme SDI version. Will your profile work with it and give access to all the functions? since it has more outputs that the regular extreme, will I need something else from you to access them all from a stream deck?

    • David Joshua Ford November 11, 2022   Reply →

      Hi Emmanuel, the profile will support everything on the ATEM SDI Extreme except for switching AUX 3 and AUX 4 (although this too can easily be added manually). At some stage I plan on updating the Extreme Profile to include the additional two AUX since I have also purchased the SDI Extreme version, but for the time being, I use AUX1 and 2 as the switchable connections (ie if you want to change your Multiview Monitor’s output, or switching an IMAG output to a front of house screen), and then use AUX 3 and 4 for hard-routing (ie, sending a copy of Program to a backup encoder). I’m currently working on building out the 2ME Constellation and then will get back to the Extreme – it’s a great full-featured solution!

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