Breakfast view

Breakfast view at Blue Hill Resort in Koh Phangan for the Full Moon Party and Songkran… not bad!

Room with a view

I’ve been staying in Blue Hill Resort for the Full Moon Party. The room has a great view across the water towards Samui. Lovely staff too!

Amsterdam Bar

Sunset at the Amsterdam Bar & Stone Hill Resort pool, Koh Phangan. You have to be in the know… the turn-off to Amsterdam Bar doesn’t automatically signify a thumpin hotspot. The infinity pool swells with backpackers and cocktails as sunset approaches, and when the light fails the crowd quickly departs […]


These are some of the black light body paint designs you can get (for a price) at the Full Moon Party on Haad Rin Beach, Koh Phangan.

Chalak Baan Kao, Koh Tao

Thanks Chalak Baan Kao for a wonderful stay! Koh Tao is only ~6km long and has the craziest hills… particularly for a scooter. There were times I asked Megan to get off the bike and walk down the dirt slopes, just in case.

A Beach Bungalow Whalerock

The view from our beach bungalow at View Point Resort in Koh Tao, Thailand. There are absolutely stunning beaches in Thailand. There are also some beaches that make a wicked postcard, but if you look closer and wade in for a swim, there’s kelp, plastic bags, bottles, and sharp coral.

View From Above

I found this barracuda on the rickety pathway to the Taraporn Restaurant in Ko Tao. A closeup on its eye reminded me of an aerial photograph of an open-cut mine or an oily rock face.

A Motorbike Tour Through Strawberry Land, Samoeng

I’m on a father/son motorbike trip through Samoeng & Mae-Se, northwest of Chiang Mai. It’s Strawberry country!! Strawberry shakes, strawberry wine, sweet strawberries, sour strawberries… and every farm we pass has a giant strawberry mascot out the front. It’s one of Dad’s first times on a motorbike… so I’m glad […]

I’m Just Happy To Be Here

I’ve been writing from Raming Tea House for the last few days. Found this pooch smiling in a basket out the front with a look that I could identify with: “I’m just happy to be here”.

A Day On The Lake

It’s a smoky day in Chiang Mai today (heck, it’s smoky every day this time of year). Slash and burn agricultural practices in the hill tribes cast the heavy haze over the whole region for more than a month. Still…it’s better than the air in Delhi!


A longtail in Chiang Mai. We were lucky this boat didn’t sink with all of us loaded up in it!

Chiang Mai Lake Houseboat

Spent the day an hour north of Chiang Mai on a giant houseboat, writing and swimming and eating and swimming…life is good!