This is what an inbox looks like at the end of a successful week

Furthermore, there were only 4 days to get everything done because Monday was Memorial Day. 

This is not to say that I have completed all tasks, but rather that everything is accounted for. I’ve been using the new “Inbox by Google” interface for Gmail on the desktop browser, with similar functionality to its iPhone app. It’s missing some key features, such as signatures, but allows me to churn through many emails in a short space of time. 

One of the key benefits is the use of the “Snooze” feature. I can quickly defer an email to come back to my inbox at a designated time, such as “tomorrow morning”, or “next week”. This also acts like a virtual secretary, prompting me to follow up with a client or lede at the appropriate time of the week. And it clears the clutter so I can focus on what needs to happen now. 

Plus, it’s alway good to leave the office with sunshine in your inbox on a summery Friday evening in New York!

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