ATEM Extreme Control DJF 4.0


Designed for Blackmagic ATEM TV Studio Pro/HD/4K, Television Studio HD8/HD8ISO/4K8, SDI/Mini Extreme/ISO, SDI/Mini Pro/ISO switchers.


Featured Supported Hardware:

  • Integrated switching control of two simultaneous ATEMs:
    • atem2 module controls: 1ME Constellation HD, TV Studio Pro/HD/4K, Television Studio HD8/HD8ISO/4K, SDI/Mini Extreme/ISO, SDI/Mini Pro/ISO
    • atem3 module controls: SDI Pro ISO, SDI Pro, SDI, Mini Pro ISO, Mini Pro, Mini

DJF v4.0 NEW & improved features:

  • DJF CUE included – create 24 custom Run Of Show cues to easily trigger in sequence via Stream Deck XL, iPad, Network, Stream Deck Pedal, or clicker
  • Markers: automatically mark DJF Cue timecode in Notion for reference or YouTube Chapter markers
  • Multi-Surfaces: Group 4x Stream Deck XL’s (or 4x iPads, or 4x Web Browser Emulators or combination thereof) for 128-button layout
  • Updated support for Companion 3.1.1+ to operate via an iPad surface or over the network emulator
  • Custom pages – first 15 pages are reserved for you to customize your workflow and “copy-paste” your most-used buttons to an efficient, consolidated surface

ATEM Control DJF v4.0 NEW & improved features:

  • Consolidated routing for Program, Preview, AUX, Upstream Key Input, Downstream Key Input, and on 1ME+ profiles also control Super Source and Multi-Viewer window inputs
  • Lower-Third automations: Long-press Media Pool buttons to automatically superimpose Downstream Key for 7 seconds (useful for easily implementing lower thirds)
  • Navigation options: Auto Select output routing, or automatically Jump forwards and Jump Back when routing (4ME)
  • Control of ATEM: Media Pool, Audio channels, Macros, Upstream Key DVEs, and for 1ME models and above control of Super Source, Multi-View window layout and routing.
  • Now available in the 4ME profile – address all ATEM Models from ATEM Mini all the way up to from 4ME Constellation 8K

Bonus Features:

  • VLC Playback Control
  • H2R Graphics Control
  • Google Chrome Slides (Mac and Windows support, via VICREO module)

Items removed or changed since DJF v3.0:

  • Note that in DJF v3, button #9 was reserved to jump between Companion and native Elgato software.
    • However, in DJF v4, this button support for the Elgato plugin has been removed to:
      • increase native Companion real estate and
      • enable a multi-surface Stream Deck XL workflow
    • Therefore Elgato software profiles are no longer shipped in DJF v4, and it is recommended to run Stream Deck surfaces native to Companion.
  • ATEM Macros for Upstream Key 1’s Luma, Chroma, Pattern, and DVE palette has been removed to simplify installation and free up ATEM Macro slots.
    • Instead, native control of DVE is now supported via Companion, so the Upstream Key functions in DJF 4.0 focus on DVE Control.
    • An ATEM Macro file is still provided for a few functions: to adjust the window layouts for Multiviews 1-4, and to select the DVE palette on the USKs 1-4 for M/E’s 1-4)
  • Now that Companion natively supports emulator surface operation on tablets and phones, the DJF v3.0 vertical profiles for the Elgato Mobile App are redundant and have been removed.

Items included in this DJF v4.0 Download purchase:

  • DJF 4.0 Companion Configuration Profile
  • Additional Assets to import for:
    • ATEM Macros
    • H2R Project Template
  • PDF Guides
    • Welcome doc with links to Installation and User Guides
    • Page Map detailing the backend layout

System Requirements & Recommendations:

  • Requires Companion 3.1.2 or later, running on a Mac, Windows, or Raspberry Pi 4
  • While not a requirement, this 32-button layout is recommended for use with 1 to 4 Elgato Stream Deck XL’s for most tactile usage.
  • It also runs independently without a physical Stream Deck in a web browser on a computer, across the local network, or over the internet with a VPN, and wirelessly via an iPad, tablet or Phone’s web browser.
  • The DJF Companion Profile is sold “as-is”. Installation support is not included, but guides are available below. One-on-one paid setup consultation is available here.

Installation Guides:

User Guides:


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