Free ATEM Switcher – DJF 4.0 for Stream Deck XL & iPad

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Control your ATEM with a Stream Deck, iPad, iPhone, or computer.


Download this Free ATEM Switcher for Stream Deck XL & iPad control.

This control profile is designed for the ATEM Mini/Pro/ISO series. It also supports ALL ATEMs up to 4 inputs and 1 output, so you can test your system before upgrading to the full-featured DJF Control Profiles for the ATEM Pro, 1ME, or 4ME ATEM switchers.

In addition to the ATEM module, there are buttons to control VLC playback, H2R Graphics, VICREO for Google Slides, YouTube live-streaming connection, and Notion time code logging.

Supported control surfaces include Stream Deck XL, iPad, iPhone, computer browser, and remotely via VPN.

Ready to upgrade to the full-feature pack with Upstream Keys, Downstream Keys, Media Pool, Supersource and more? Check out the ATEM Control packages.

Installation support is not included. A detailed Installation Guide is provided. Setup consultation is available here.


  • This profile has been optimized to work with Companion v3.2 – try using emulators on a web browser on an iPad or iPhone!
  • This profile occupies 1-page only, and can be imported to any of Companion’s 99 pages.
  • The download contains only the .companionconfig profile for a single home page. It does not include ATEM macros, H2R Project file, etc that are found in the full versions.


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