Canon PTZ Control DJF 4.0


Control 18x Canon PTZ Cameras with a Stream Deck XL, iPad, computer, or over the internet using this custom-built Companion Profile.

Works with Canon CR N100, N300, N500, and N700 PTZ cameras.

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Compact desktop control of 18 x Canon CR N100, N300, N500, or N700 PTZ cameras!

NEW in Canon PTZ Control DJF v4.0:

  • Control up to 18 cameras in three banks of six cameras at a time
  • Now address up to 36 Recall Presets and Loop Presets
  • Multi-Surfaces: Group 4x Stream Deck XL’s (or 4x iPads, or 4x Web Browser Emulators) for 128-button layout
  • LOOP function: easily set cameras to loop infinitely between any two Presets
  • CUSTOM TRACE: custom trace between five presets, set duration of maneuvers, loop or pendulum mode
  • PVW mode: Cameras are automatically put into ATEM’s Preview monitor as you select them
  • PGM mode: Cameras automatically cut to ATEM’s Program when you select a preset
  • GANG mode: synchronize all speed changes across all cameras for easy operation, or disengage GANG for individual control
  • BONUS: Also includes DJF CUE for a custom Run Of Show – easily build 24 cues to trigger in sequence and mark timecode in Notion

Save presets, recall camera positions, perform smooth on-air tracking shots, manually control pan, tilt, zoom, automate camera positions and movements, change picture settings like Gain, Shutter, Iris, White Balance, Focus.

This 32-button layout is recommended for use with the Elgato Stream Deck XL. It also runs independently without Stream Deck in a web browser on a computer, iPad, or phone.

The DJF Companion Profile is sold “as-is”. Installation support is not included. Setup consultation is available here. A detailed Installation Guide and a User Guide is provided.


  • Works with Canon CR N100, N300, N500, or N700 PTZ Cameras using the Canon XC protocol (other VISCA brands not supported)
  • Designed for best use with Stream Deck XL (32-button)
  • Also runs independently without Stream Deck in a web browser on a computer, tablet, or mobile, for wireless use, or even over the internet


Recommended Hardware:

Canon CR N300 PTZ – BH: Amazon:

Canon CR N500 PTZ – BH: Amazon:

Elgato Stream Deck XL – BH: Amazon:

Netgear 8-port Unmanaged POE+ Network Switch: BH: Amazon:

Beryl Travel Router:


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