PTZ + Extreme + Pro 3.1.1 – Canon PTZ N300 N500 Control for Stream Deck XL


Control 4x Canon PTZ Cameras + ATEM Mini Extreme + ATEM Mini Pro models simultaneously with a Stream Deck XL using this custom-built Companion Profile and ATEM Macros.


The most powerful DJF Profile yet!

Compact desktop control of 4x Canon CR N300 or N500 PTZ cameras! Save presets, recall camera positions, perform smooth on-air tracking shots, manually control pan, tilt, zoom, automate camera positions and movements, change picture settings like Gain, Shutter, Iris, White Balance, Focus. Easily switch a show as a solo-operator with “gang mode” – the preview monitor and camera settings will follow you!

Built into the same interface as the PTZ control is the ability to operate your ATEM Mini Extreme + ATEM Mini Pro – simultaneously from a single Companion installation. Use a single (or multiple!) 32-button Stream Deck XL. Plus – Includes two bonus Vertical profiles for the Stream Deck Mobile App.

Unlock control of the Super Source, AUX Out, MultiView Layouts, Flying Key, Pre-Built Keys, Palettes, Media Pool, Downstream Key, Audio Faders, Pre-Built Macros, VLC Playback, H2R Graphics, Wireless Control, and Tally.

This 32-button layout is recommended for use with the Elgato Stream Deck XL. It also runs independently without Stream Deck in a web browser on a computer, tablet, or mobile.

The DJF Companion Profile is sold “as-is”. Installation support is not included. Setup consultation is available here. A detailed Installation Guide is provided.


  • Works with Canon CR N300 or N500 PTZ Cameras (other brands not supported)
  • Works with an ATEM Mini Extreme / ISO at the same time as running an ATEM Mini / Pro / ISO model
  • Designed for best use with Stream Deck XL (32-button)
  • Also runs independently without Stream Deck in a web browser on a computer, tablet, or mobile
  • 4-in-1 Profile: Easy jump between controlling the Extreme or the Pro switchers on a single Stream Deck XL. Plus, includes two bonus Vertical Profiles for both the Extreme and Pro, using the Elgato Stream Deck Mobile App for switching on the go
  • Added Super Source Presets and manual control of Super Source Box size and shapes
  • Added input control for Super Source, Keys 1-4, DSK 1 and 2, AUX 1 and 2, and 16 Multiview windows
  • Added a Custom Page for User shortcuts
  • Added a Show Page for easy import/export for all your different shows
  • Redesigned H2R Graphics page with great functionality
  • Redesigned VLC page to select different inputs and PIP
  • Redesigned native Stream Deck profiles for 32-button, 15-button, and Vertical layouts
  • Updated ATEM Macros (macro slots 1-12 and 92-100 are kept free for user customization)

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