PTZ + ATEM Pro 3.1.1 – Canon PTZ N300 N500 Control for Stream Deck XL


Control 4x Canon PTZ Cameras + ATEM Mini Pro simultaneously with a Stream Deck XL using this custom-built Companion Profile and ATEM Macros.


Compact desktop control of 4x Canon CR N300 or N500 PTZ cameras! Save presets, recall camera positions, perform smooth on-air tracking shots, manually control pan, tilt, zoom, automate camera positions and movements, change picture settings like Gain, Shutter, Iris, White Balance, Focus. Easily switch a show as a solo-operator with “gang mode” – the preview monitor and camera settings will follow you!

Built into the same interface as the PTZ control is the ability to operate your ATEM Mini Pro from a single Companion installation. Use a single (or multiple!) 32-button Stream Deck XL. Plus – Includes a two-page bonus Vertical profile for the Stream Deck Mobile App.

Unlock control of the ATEM Mini Pro’s Flying Key, Pre-Built Keys, Palettes, Media Pool, Downstream Key, Audio Faders, Pre-Built Macros, VLC Playback, H2R Graphics, Wireless Control.

This 32-button layout is recommended for use with the Elgato Stream Deck XL. It also runs independently without Stream Deck in a web browser on a computer, tablet, or mobile.

The DJF Companion Profile is sold “as-is”. Installation support is not included. Setup consultation is available here. A detailed Installation Guide is provided.


  • Works with Canon CR N300 or N500 PTZ Cameras (other brands not supported)
  • Works with ATEM Mini / Pro / ISO models
  • Designed for best use with Stream Deck XL (32-button)
  • Also runs independently without Stream Deck in a web browser on a computer, tablet, or mobile
  • 2-in-1 Profile: Includes bonus Vertical Profile (Stream Deck Mobile App)
  • Added a Custom Page for User shortcuts
  • Added a Show Page for easy import/export for different shows
  • Redesigned H2R Graphics v2 page with great functionality
  • Redesigned VLC page to select different inputs and PIP
  • Redesigned native Stream Deck profiles for 32, 15, and Vertical layouts
  • Updated ATEM Macros (macro slots 1-12 and 92-100 are kept free for user customization)

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