Free 1-Page Switcher, 15-Button for ATEM Mini Pro


Control your ATEM Mini Pro with a Stream Deck XL using this custom-built Companion Profile.


Download this Free Trial of the DJF Companion Profile Switcher Home Page for the ATEM Mini Pro.

This single-page profile will enable you to test out your network settings and Companion’s modules for ATEM, VLC, H2R, and VICREO. A regular Stream Deck is recommended for optimal user experience, but the profile also runs without a Stream Deck using any computer’s web browser.

Ready to upgrade to the full-feature pack? Get the 32-button DJF Companion Profile for ATEM Mini Pro here.

Installation support is not included. Setup consultation is available here. A detailed Installation Guide is provided.


  • This profile can be imported to any of Companion’s 99 pages
  • The download contains only the .companionconfig profile for a single home page (it does not include ATEM macros, Stream Deck profiles etc)
  • To set the Menu and Custom page jumps, the first actions for Buttons #1 and #2 will need to be updated manually


  1. antoniomiceli (verified owner)

    Hi David,
    I downloaded the “14-DAY FREE TRIAL 15-BUTTON FOR ATEM MINI PRO” and when i import in my 15 button companion, i see a 32 button instead…doesn’t look right…you can write me back at
    Thank you

    • David Joshua Ford

      Hi Antonio, those are bonus buttons, in case you want to use them (ie to use preview bus instead of cut bus). Companion’s default behavior is that the 15 button Stream Deck will utilize the buttons in the upper left corner of the 32 button layout (the first 3 rows x 5 columns). Buttons outside of that won’t show up on the 15-button Stream Deck, but you can use that space as a clipboard.

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