Free 1-Page Switcher, 32-Button for ATEM Mini Extreme


Control your ATEM Mini Extreme with a Stream Deck XL using this custom-built Companion Profile.


Download this Free Trial of the DJF Companion Profile Switcher Home Page for the ATEM Mini Extreme.

This single-page profile will enable you to test out your network settings and Companion’s modules for ATEM, VLC, H2R, and VICREO. A Stream Deck XL is recommended for optimal user experience, but the profile also runs without a Stream Deck using any computer’s web browser.

Ready to upgrade to the full-feature pack? Get the 32-button DJF Companion Profile for ATEM Mini Extreme here.

Installation support is not included. Setup consultation is available here. A detailed Installation Guide is provided.


  • This profile can be imported to any of Companion’s 99 pages
  • The download contains only the .companionconfig profile for a single home page (it does not include ATEM macros, Stream Deck profiles etc)
  • To set the Menu and Custom page jumps, the first actions for Buttons #1 and #2 will need to be updated manually


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