VLC 1.1 – Video & Audio Playback Console


Video & Audio Stream Deck XL playback console configuration profile for live streaming, live events, and conferences.

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If you’re looking for a flexible video and audio playback solution across multiple platforms, VLC is your answer!

This famous media player can pretty much handle any format you throw at it, so if your client comes to you with an obscure file a minute before showtime, you’ll be fine.

It’s very easy to drop files into the playlist and rearrange the cue list on the fly – all of which is updated on the Stream Deck instantly.

Set it up simply on your local computer, or control a remote VLC installation across the network for an independent VT playback operator!

Pre-configured DJF VLC 1.1 Profile

This DJF VLC v1.0 Companion Profile is thoughtfully designed to fit all essential Video and Audio playback features into a single page of a Stream Deck XL.

  • Time Of Day clock
  • Elapsed Time Counter (green)
  • Remaining Time Counter (red, with warning colors at under 10-seconds remaining)
  • Loop 1, Loop All, Full Screen buttons
  • Seek forwards/backwards by 1-second and by 10-seconds
  • Play, Pause, Stop, Next, Previous
  • Cue button, to load & pause the first frame of the next video
  • Playlist Cue buttons for 10 items
  • VLC Audio Volume presets for 0, 50%, 85%, 100%, as well as increase/decrease audio volume by 5% increments
  • ATEM Audio button (for ATEM channel audio On/Off, and long-press for Audio-follows-video (AFV))
  • ATEM Auto and Cut buttons
  • Auto In & Auto Out Triggers, for automated Hyperdeck-like control with ATEMs


Included in this Download

  • 1-Page Companion page buttons & trigger configuration profile for VLC Playback
  • Welcome Page with Download and Installation instructions
  • Three short drone videos for playlist testing (non-commercial usage)


New in v1.1

  • Playlist buttons behavior changed to:
    • Short Press to:
      • Pause on first video frame and
      • Put VLC into ATEM Preview window
    • Long Press to:
      • Play video,
      • Put VLC into ATEM Program, and
      • Put defined return camera input into ATEM Preview
  • Play button behavior:
    • Updated feedback states for countdown and button icons
    • Short Press – toggle Pause/Resume
    • Long Press – toggle Pause/Resume, and place VLC Input into ATEM’s Program
  • Stop button behavior
    • Short Press – Stop
    • Long Press – Stop VLC, and place Return Camera into ATEM’s Program
  • CUE button – Long press no longer clears playlist
  • VLC Volume buttons Up and Down
    • Short Press – adjust +/- 5% audio volume
    • Long Press – force audio level to 0% or 100% respectively
  • Added Playback Speed buttons, Up and Down
    • Short Press – adjust +/- 10% playback speed
    • Long Press – force playback speed to 3% or 100% respectively
  • Added button to generate Custom Variables
  • Added buttons to adjust ATEM’s VLC Input
  • Added buttons to adjust ATEM’s return camera input
  • AUTO IN / OUT Triggers included in install package

Installation Guide

Step by step VLC Installation guide available here.


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