Canon PTZ Control – DJF 4.0 User Guide


  • Looking for Canon PTZ Installation instructions? Jump here.


Operation Modes

PTZ 1 Home Page – Select Drive Modes, Loop, set speed, Preview/Program, Manual Pan Tilt Zoom, and select cameras.

On the HOME page for each of the 6 cameras, there are different modes of operation along the top row.

  • FAST / MED / SLOW – quickly alter the TIME or SPEED of the Drive Mode to 2-seconds, 7-seconds, or 30-seconds. (you can set a specific time on the Adjust page).
  • TIME / SPEED – sets the camera into Drive TIME mode. Press a second time to enable Drive SPEED mode. Use these modes to get the smoothest on-air maneuvers.
  • REPO – for “reposition” (also documented by Canon as “Normal” mode). This provides the fastest repositioning from one preset to another, but does not create a smooth on-air movement. Use this when previewing a camera before taking to program.
  • LOOP / LOOP OFF / LOOP ACTIVE– press to arm the LOOP mode, then select a preset to loop between that and the last used preset. Press another preset button to update the two presets in use. The speed of the loop is determined by the number of seconds that the Drive Time Mode is set to, so preset the TIME before looping. Button will show LOOP ACTIVE when the camera is in an active loop cycle. Press the LOOP ACTIVE button again to disable the loop. The camera will finish the current maneuver before stopping. The looping will be canceled if you press any of the following buttons while active: FAST / MED / SLOW, TIME, SPEED, REPO, LOOP ACTIVE, or the manual PAN or TILT buttons.
  • GANG / GANG OFF – when GANG is active, any adjustments to camera drive speed or manual adjustment speed will be replicated across all 6 cameras. Disable the GANG to adjust camera speeds independently. Note that when you activate LOOP, it will automatically disengage GANG to prevent a camera loop from being canceled by speed changes made on other cameras.
  • PVW / PGM / PVW PGM OFF – Choose between a Preview or Program mode: Preview will set the selected camera into the ATEM’s Preview monitor. This is useful to preview a camera and position it before cutting it to program. Program mode: this disables the Preview function, and instead will automatically put the camera into Program when a Preset button is pushed. Use this to easily cut between different shot sizes directly, without having to Preview and then Cut. There are two variations to this Program behavior: when in Drive Speed (SPEED) or Drive Time (TIME), the camera will cut to program immediately, and you will see the maneuver play out on air. When in REPO mode: the camera will reposition rapidly to the new preset position, and then cut to program on a 2750ms delay. The delay is to allow the sharp camera reposition movement to occur off air, before taking the camera live.


Navigating the Back End Pages

Companion has 1-99 pages available for use. This is where buttons are programmed, but doesn’t reflect how the front end navigation on a Stream Deck XL surface appears.

Here’s a quick-start reference to a few key pages that this profile utilizes:

  • Page 1 – HOME – Blank Custom Home page for you to copy most used buttons to for quick access
  • Page 2 – SHOT – Switching page
  • Page 3 – SCENE – Custom Macros and Scene compounds for easy recall
  • Page 4 – SHOW – Custom functions to run a show, such as start/stop streaming/recording, mute audio etc
  • Page 5 – CUE – Custom Run Of Show to execute 1-24 cues with a simple advance button (#8)
  • Page 76 – PTZ GANG – A backend page containing functions utilized by the GANG, PGM, PVW Modes on the front end (leave this page unmodified).
  • Page 77 – PTZ1 – HOME – Set PTZ mode operation, Recall Presets 1-8, manual Pan Tilt Zoom, select Cameras (add Preset names here)
  • Page 78 – PTZ1 – RECALL – Recall Presets 9-36 (Add Preset names here)
  • Page 79 – PTZ1 – ADJUST – Adjust camera exposure settings, and Custom Trace templates for you to modify
  • Page 80-94 – PTZ 2-6 HOME/RECALL/ADJUST pages (same as above for PTZ1)
  • Page 99 – MENU – Main Menu to jump to all other pages in the profile, including PTZ camera control