Advanced ATEM Mini/ Pro/ ISO Control with Free Companion Profile

Unlock control of the Flying Key, Palettes, Pre-Built Keys, Media Pool, Downstream Key, Audio Faders, Pre-Built Macros, VLC Playback, H2R Graphics, Wireless Control, and Tally. Plus native Stream Deck control of Google Slides, Resolve Remote Editing, Zoom integration, and more!

Get extremely versatile control over Blackmagic Design’s ATEM Mini Pro & ISO when you run Companion software on a Stream Deck XL (or even your phone, tablet, or computer!).

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Included with Profile Assets

Software Download Links

COMPANION (2.2.0 – unreleased build) 

STREAM DECK (4.9.2) 


VLC ( 

H2R Graphics (0.3.2) 






Hardware Links

The Stream Deck is the hardware that makes this fun! Heads up that there’s a worldwide shortage at the moment so they are overpriced, but still worth picking up! And the ATEM Mini Pro ISO is my favorite model yet (pending the Extreme!) I recorded the tutorial videos on an ISO, and I love how easy it is to edit timecode locked files in Resolve.



15-Button and 6-Button Stream Deck Integration

If you don’t own the 32-button version of the Stream Deck, this profile will still work, but you’ll have to move the buttons you want to accommodate the smaller space.


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  • JF Champagne December 18, 2020   Reply →

    David, very impressive work on your Streamdeck with Companion.
    I did sign up to get your companion file but did not get it via email nor do I see a way to get it on the site.

    • David Joshua Ford December 18, 2020   Reply →

      Hi JF – check your promotions or spam folder -might have been caught in there. I’ve emailed you as well. Enjoy the layout! David

      • ted stone February 5, 2021   Reply →

        Hello David very impressive work, i did not get layout im actually using the 15 key stream deck hopefully i can get the commands ill actually use. — thanks

  • Paul December 22, 2020   Reply →

    Hi David, just watched the video and am very much impressed with your setup. I have signed up and look forward to working with and learning from your design. As a newbie this will provide a massive leg up. Thanks for the great work.

    • David Joshua Ford December 22, 2020   Reply →

      Hi Paul, thanks for the note – glad you found it helpful. There are so many options in Companion. I’m working on a how-to video, so check back in a couple of weeks!

  • Mike January 8, 2021   Reply →


    Thank you. Your video was very helpful. I think you are the on the front of the wave.

    I’ll do my best to suggest ideas based on my use case.

    All the best,

  • Jan Roose January 9, 2021   Reply →

    Hello David
    This was exactly what I was looking for.
    You showed several very usefull workflows automated with the Stremdeck device in an impressive and educative way. Respect.

    I’m looking forward to your upcoming video how you build this with Companion and BMD Atem macros.

    I was wondering why you prefer VLC over OBS your videoplayer.
    Kind regards.

    • David Joshua Ford January 9, 2021   Reply →

      Hi Jan, I mainly use VLC because I find it fast to dump videos in and reorder the playlist items. It accepts a wide range of video formats and there’s not much setting up to do. I haven’t used OBS very much, and you could use that instead, but from what I recall you’d need to set up a scene for each video item individually.

  • Michael Achta January 17, 2021   Reply →

    Thanks for your Support,
    you did a grat Job on the Video

  • Scott January 25, 2021   Reply →

    Hi David, I too did not get the Companion files. Not in my spam either. Can you assist?

  • Mark Withington January 25, 2021   Reply →

    This is a great video, and companion layout. Thanks for sharing. Nice work!

  • Julio February 6, 2021   Reply →

    Hi David, Great video and ingenuity! Looking forward to receiving the Companion files. Thanks a bunch!

  • Frank February 19, 2021   Reply →

    Hello boss after watching your video I’ve finally decide to get these equipments, especially since they’ve launched the extream version. I was wondering if you can share how to do the vlc playback option just like you did in the presentation

    • David Joshua Ford February 19, 2021   Reply →

      Hi Frank, I have some new videos I hope to release this coming week that will show the VLC setup and the rest of it…Just getting through some other work first! Watch this space.

  • James February 24, 2021   Reply →

    Hi David – Want to thank you in advance for the how-to videos. I’ve tried to setup something similar to your video but haven’t been able to match all the features. i.e. VLC play time feedback, etc.. Very much looking forward to your videos. I also recently purchased a Hyperdeck Mini and two SDI converters for over $800. For what I need, I think I can return this equipment! So Again.. Thank you!!

  • Uwe Kops March 1, 2021   Reply →

    Hi David – am also very impressed with your setup and that you share it with other creators is really wonderful ! Thanks a lot for this! Your Videos are also fantastic.

    I do have one issue or question. Trying to understand the building process behind this setup, you connect three cameras and the MacBook to the Atem mini HDMI inputs, and than you build the scenes (background, PIP, green screen effects, flying Text, boxes around the camera view and so on) on the fly (pressing Buttons) with macros that manages Atems switcher app for scene composition, H2R for all graphic elements and companion for the programing… (that is what I understand so far..?!)

    Now the HDMI connection from the MacBook to the ATEM mini HDMI (4) in is used for the VLC Video playback only? (isn’t it)

    I ask, because I have to use a special AI-Cameras (OBSBOT tail and OBSBOT tiny) to follow a dancing Couple automatically . I need this live video input as Camera input like your Cam 1–3 but these cameras offer only webcam signal no HDMI out put. Do you see any option that integrates a webcam (USB input) to your scene bulldog process?

    I could use another Mac or raspberry pi to transform the webcam out into an HDMI out, but I would be much better if I could use the one MacBook in your Setup with connected webcams to it.

    We produce Livestreams around Argentine Tango, and teach only now ….

    Yours Uwe
    (from Tango VidaMia, Köln Germany)

    • David Joshua Ford March 3, 2021   Reply →

      Hi Uwe, If you’re relying on usb webcams, it would probably be better to use a software-based workflow rather than the ATEMs, since you’d need to convert the usb back to HDMI to bring into the ATEM. I haven’t tried such programs in detail enough to recommend a workflow, but you could start with the free OBS and then look at other NDI based paid programs.

  • John Heidema March 23, 2021   Reply →

    I am so blown off by your demonstration of the Streamdeck possibilities, that I now realize I am only using 5% of it’s potential. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  • A.K. Allen March 24, 2021   Reply →

    Spectacular! Great work David. Thanks for your efforts. I have implemented this into my workflow and am working through all of the instructional videos. I have had great success following along and with each viewing I gain further clarity and a little insight into your thought processes, all quite logical, kudos. I still need to become more proficient in “Companion”. I am having issues with adding the “Chroma” shortcut to H2R, it does not seem to stay after I add it? I’m still trying work through why certain presses cause “Companion” to crash? Well off to rewatch another of your videos. I am going to try and add pages for “SuperSource” for the “Extreme ISO” in the near furture.
    Cheers and Thanks

    • A.K. Allen March 25, 2021   Reply →

      This is actually an addendum: I have been getting an error in “Companion” upon launch: USB device not recognized…”. Well I have just discovered that the Stream Deck App needs to be closed prior to launching companion! I had no idea. I was having an issue where Companion would “crash” when I wold press certain buttons on the Stream Deck. Just posting as an FYI.

      • David Joshua Ford March 25, 2021   Reply →

        Hi AK – Companion in V2 can work both ways – either alongside the native Stream Deck app, or else quit the SD app and run Companion solo. If you’re running the SD app, you’ll need to install the Companion plugin, and you can mix and match Companion buttons with SD buttons. You can choose if you want your buttons to dynamically update, or to reference Companion buttons on a specific page/bank. When SD app is running, you’ll see “Elgato Streamdeck Plugin” under Companion’s Surface tab. Quit SD app, and rescan for USB, and then the Serial Number of the deck will show up directly.

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