What is DJF CUE?

DJF Cue is an innovative Run of Show control sequence designed to streamline and enhance the operation of your livestream.

It benefits from Companion’s ability to integrate a wide range of professional equipment to automate various aspects of the livestream, ensuring a smooth and professional broadcast experience.


DJF 4.0 Cue – Automate your Run of Show


Control Surfaces

There are multiple ways to control your DJF CUE:

  • Stream Deck XL – view and execute all 24 cues
  • Computer web browser – operate remotely on your computer
  • Across the network, or internet via VPN – operate remotely via a different computer
  • iPad/ iPhone – operate wirelessly
  • Logitech r500 clicker – wireless bluetooth remote hand control to execute cues and step backwards
  • Stream Deck Pedal – foot control to execute cues and select forwards/backwards

For simple advances, you can use a Stream Deck Pedal, or Logitech r500 Clicker to execute cues in sequence.

To see all 24 cues on one page, use the other surfaces to jump randomly.

Each time you execute a cue, the highlighted cue automatically advances to the next cue, to indicate what will be triggered next.


Example Show

On Page 5 of your DJF 4.0 profile, you will find 24 buttons available for customization. You could use this for something as simple as advancing a Power Point presentation, or as complex as operating cameras, sound, lighting, switching, and whatever other equipment you can control via Companion.

As an example of how you can adapt this to suit your own needs, we will look at a show prototype with seven cues. The video at the top of this page demonstrates how to build out this Run Of Show sequence.

  1. PRE SHOW: a “first look”. When triggered, this cue will get you ready for your livestream, from camera positions, Program inputs, Keys, muting microphone and starting background music, starting a graphics timer. Everything will be set up for a first look, as a default position so that you can go live before the actual show content begins.
  2. SHOW START: this button will trigger the start of the show by opening up the microphone, lowering the music, switching the presenter’s camera angle on, and beginning the camera movement.
  3. PART 1: this is the first topic, which brings on a graphic and changes the camera to a default presenter position. It also stops the background music.
  4. PART 2: the second topic graphic is brought on screen, as well as the presenter camera angle.
  5. PART 3: the third topic graphic and presenter camera angle is brought on screen
  6. GOODBYE: This triggers a 30-second sequence for the presenter to wrap up the show: the camera slowly widens out, the website call to action graphic is displayed on screen, and the background music fades in. When the presenter is ready to say goodbye,
  7. WRAP: this button mutes the presenter microphone, takes the presenter’s camera angle off air, increases the music volume to full, and shows a graphic call to action. The show is now in a holding pattern like the PRE SHOW cue, whereby you can wait for any latency in the livestream program to finish reaching the audience (ie YouTube’s latency can range 1-25-seconds) before finishing the livestream event.


Time Stamping & Logging Cues in Notion

By default, this DJF profile includes a Notion instance. Once you have connected the instance to your Notion account, the DJF Cue will automatically log each time you trigger a cue.

This is particularly useful metadata to help identify chapter markers for YouTube after a livestream, so on-demand viewers can easily jump to relevant content.

To start a Notion session

  • Press and hold the “START” button for 3-seconds (button #6, the left arrow)
  • The END button turn red to indicate it is running
  • The cue will highlight the first cue #1

To stop a Notion session

  • Press and hold the “END” button for 3-seconds (button #7, the right arrow)
  • The END button will no longer be red and return to grey to indicate the Notion session has stopped.
  • The cue will highlight the last cue #24