Install Blackmagic Design ATEM Switchers (9.2.2)

Install ATEM Switcher software

  • Download and install the most recent ATEM Switcher software from Blackmagic Design’s Support page.
  • Each “update” is a full program installation, so the most recent version will suffice to bring your software and firmware up to date.


Set a Static IP Address

  • Connect your computer to the ATEM via USB.
  • When connected via USB (as opposed to ethernet), you will be able to change the IP address of the ATEM within the “ATEM Setup” application.
  • Choosing a static IP address appropriate to your router’s range is recommended.
    • Your settings will likely differ, but for example:
      • Router  
      • Computer
      • ATEM   
  • Within Companion, make sure the ATEM Module’s Target IP has been updated with the new IP Address that was set for the ATEM hardware (as previously mentioned in the Companion setup).


Install DJF Macros in ATEM Software Control

  • Open the “ATEM Software Control” application.
  • Go to File > Restore
  • Choose the “ATEM-macros-DJF4.0-XXXXXX.xml” that came with your DJF Companion Profile and restore Macros.
    • Basic requirement is to install the Macros only.
    • Deselect all options, then select “Macros” only
  • Go to File > Save Startup State to commit the macros to the ATEM hardware.
    • Once you’ve “Saved the Startup State”, the macros (and any other settings) will still be present each time you power on the ATEM. The ATEM can now operate without the need for Blackmagic’s ATEM Software Control application.



  • Companion speaks directly to the ATEM via the Ethernet Network and does not require the ATEM Software Control to be running in order to operate.
  • Note that Companion only speaks to the ATEM via Ethernet, not the USB port. While you can install the ATEM Macros via a USB connection, you will need an Ethernet connection to control the ATEM via Companion.