Advanced ATEM Mini/ Pro/ ISO Control with Free Companion Profile

Unlock control of the Flying Key, Palettes, Pre-Built Keys, Media Pool, Downstream Key, Audio Faders, Pre-Built Macros, VLC Playback, H2R Graphics, Wireless Control, and Tally. Plus native Stream Deck control of Google Slides, Resolve Remote Editing, Zoom integration, and more!

Get extremely versatile control over Blackmagic Design’s ATEM Mini Pro & ISO when you run Companion software on a Stream Deck XL (or even your phone, tablet, or computer!).

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Software Download Links

COMPANION (2.2.0 – unreleased build) 

STREAM DECK (4.9.2) 


VLC ( 

H2R Graphics (0.3.2) 






Hardware Links

The Stream Deck is the hardware that makes this fun! Heads up that there’s a worldwide shortage at the moment so they are overpriced, but still worth picking up! And the ATEM Mini Pro ISO is my favorite model yet (pending the Extreme!) I recorded the tutorial videos on an ISO, and I love how easy it is to edit timecode locked files in Resolve.



15-Button and 6-Button Stream Deck Integration

If you don’t own the 32-button version of the Stream Deck, this profile will still work, but you’ll have to move the buttons you want to accommodate the smaller space.


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