Obama, 15sec Of Fame & SNOW!

Welcome to another 4 years of Obama!

After 3 hours immersed in Cloud Atlas, Megan and I emerged last night to Obama’s beaming grin smattered across Times Square. I hoisted her up on my shoulders, and after waving a borrowed flag…awoke this morning to our picture across the world: CNN, MTV, Washington Times, Toronto Star, San Francisco Gate, Mercury News, Sydney Morning Herald, Daily Telegraph, the Huffington Post and the Arab News.

With only a couple of days left before traveling, it was the perfect night out in New York City! A small taste of the historic 2008 election atmosphere.

Snow in New York! November 7, 2012.

I spent today in lower Manhattan picking up the 16mm film from Panavision for my short film…amid a flurry of SNOW! After the disruption of Sandy last week, I’m now considering whether or not our lead character would be walking outside in a tank-top in this weather. Might need to script a change of season! There are only three days until we shoot!