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Yoga Beyond in the Royal National Park

The gorgeous Royal National Park south of Sydney… the beach where I shot a film recently with Honza & Claudine of Yoga Beyond. When baby turtles hatch, they have to find their way through the sand to reach the surface and instinctively head towards freedom out the sea. Our intention […]

Telescope Timelapse for Daft Punk’s Album Launch

I’ve been babysitting the giant dishes at Australia Telescope today, in preparation for Daft Punk’s album launch. How are the two related you ask? Good question. Sony is keeping quiet on that one. I sat in the dry grass with my calculator computing how many rotations we could get the […]

Commercial for Red Baron Adventure Flights

Those of you with a taste for the extreme will appreciate this sketch commercial I made for Sydney joy flight company Redbaron.com.au. Sky Drive tells the story of a man wanting to escape the restraints of claustrophobic city traffic in favour of the freedom of a Red Baron adventure flight […]

Joris Voorn on Spice Afloat

Come aboard Spice Afloat on Sydney Harbour and hear DJs Joris Voorn and Edwin Oosterwal chat about their music, live events and life on tour.