DJF Companion Profile

The DJF Companion Profile (the “Profile”) is licensed by Refilmery, Inc., 79 Madison Ave, New York NY 10016 USA, to you, the “Licensee”.

License is for a single installation and may not be transferred, gifted, or sold to a third party.

The Profile may not be reproduced or disseminated in whole, or in part. However, you are encouraged to modify, add to, or subtract from the profile to meet the needs of your production.

Refilmery is independent of any Third Party required to run the Profile, including, but not limited to, Bitfocus (Companion), Blackmagic Design (ATEM), VLC, H2R, and VICREO. While Third Party Software is required to run the Profile, Third Party companies are not required to support the Profile. Should a Third Party knowingly or unknowingly make changes that render the Profile incompatible with their software, the Licensee will have no recourse for refund for the Profile.

A small number of buttons (including, but not limited to, “Load H2R”, and Google Slides and Google Chrome control) use the VICREO module to send Mac-specific commands. Windows or Linux users will need to update VICREO actions manually. All other modules for ATEM Macros, VLC, and H2R will work across Mac, Windows, and Linux.

The Profile requires Companion 2.1.3 to install, but Companion beta version 2.2.0 to operate. Test your configuration thoroughly before implementing in a live production. Refilmery will not be held responsible in any event of failure.

The Profile is licensed “as-is”, without warranty or support. It is the responsibility of the licensee to ensure system compatibility and installation knowledge. Detailed installation instructions are provided here.