Chiang Mai Motorbikes

Lake HutI get so bored of travel journals. People writing about the exciting times they had in destinations you don’t really care about. I’ve been really slack with mine. Two reasons… 1. I’m on holidays, and the majority of what I do is eat fish and drink beer whilst planning the next meal. It tastes great, but you don’t really care, see? I can even show you a picture, but it doesn’t look particularly special either. And 2. I’m a perfectionist. Meaning, that if I decide to do something, I will do it to an excellent standard. But that takes time…..which brings us back to beer and fish…

I did work a little bit. I have a wonderful bunch of new photos, but I’ll want to fuss over their colour before I show you. This is tedious on my 2006 MacBook… so I’ll wait until I have a new MB pro in the States. A few weeks away. Technolust.

But for the moment, here is one image I like.



Highlight of my time in Chiang Mai (standby for boring self-indulgent) was an 800+ km motorbike ride over 6 days along the Burmese border and back around in a loop. Scenery and winding roads through Mae Salong was particularly stunning. Here’s a photo of me being photographic in a suitably exotic location.

Mae Salong

I’ve developed a love affair with bikes. They are so visceral. I love the grind of the engine and the freedom when you throttle down the highway at 110km/hr through that crazy Asian traffic. It’s a great thinking space. Embedded in the elements of sun, wind and rain (and the occasional bee embedded in your neck), you feel proactive – you are making life happen. That’s a very twenty-something guy thing to say…

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  • marianne hope October 25, 2011   Reply →

    Hi David! Just found out your blogging, so just checking in on you:) Just finished my re-launch re-design of my blog and professional FB page too. Takes TIME!!!! But its so fun and enjoyable when its done. Next project is building and designing my website….which is pretty much….HELP! Haha! Anyway enjoy your travels and dont be a stranger:) Btw. I know all about the “problems” or restrictions of being a perfectionist. Im one of them..

    • David October 25, 2011   Reply →

      Thanks Marianne, will do 🙂 I’m trying to write tidbits, even if they are not comprehensive! See you soon! David x

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