No Promises


I’m leaving Australia today – moving to NY for 12 months for directing work. Unfortunately between moving out of my house, selling my stuff, shooting a music video and all the rest, I have not had time to develop this site properly! Which will be amazing when it’s done…but it’s not done yet..

First stop today is Chiang Mai in Thailand, where I’ll be looking at completing a photography exhibition with my friend Luke Fechner. However, he’s just informed me his home is flooded, so the next two weeks may be up in the air.

Anyway, I title this post No Promises because of the many blogs that are started with vigor only to fizzle soon after. Given most of these pages are not built yet, I figure anything I add will be a vast improvement on it’s initial offering…

My films are up online, and when I get a chance to organise my photography, I’ll have galleries with prints and downloads for sale.

See you on the road!